1. Greetings!

    What a week! Three amazing new properties just listed and all of them so very different to each other. Talk about being spoilt for choice. All that’s left to do is decide – Do I want great views and still be within walking distance of town? Do I want to own one of the most magnificent properties in the region and live off the land? Or do I want to be able to walk down my backyard and drop a fishing line or launch my canoe into the beautiful Bellinger River any time I want? Mmm…tough choice!

    Needless to say there is something out there no matter what your price range is, and r

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  2. Weekly post

    Hi and welcome to our latest blog post.

    We are hoping to update regularly with information that we think you might find useful or interesting. It’s a great way to keep you posted on recent trends, update you on relevant news, share tips on how to enhance your property or just touch base. So please drop us a line anytime and let us know what you are looking for, what information you need to know about or just how you think the market is doing!

    There has recently been good movement in residential property and small acreage lifestyle properties. City dwellers are looking more and more to ru

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