1. Winter wonderland

    With Winter fast approaching we are expecting the weather to cool right down, however the real estate market is doing anything but that. The local market is still a hive of activity, keeping everyone on their toes.

    Winter Styling? The same way that we create al fresco dining and imagines of a chilled wine or beer on the verandah on the weekend in Summer, the same needs to be done during the colder months. Instead of opening up the house, close curtains and light fires or turn heaters on to create warmth. Remember, the image you want to leave a prospective buyer is that your home is perfect fo

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  2. The ripple effect!

    People ask us often; ‘what do you think the property market will do?’ Next year? Next week? Hmmm. Well traditionally, we should keep pace with inflation. Currently, that’s low. Very low. Property prices are rising faster than inflation right now, and have been doing so in the Bellingen area over the past 6-12 months. In fact, I’d say that prices of residential property have moved around 5-10% over that period…far more than inflation. Why? It’s the cycle we are in. Low interest rates and low unemployment levels. The huge markets of Sydney and Melbourne are ex
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  3. What’s happened this week?

    Well, its been a busy one! Aside from a serious lack of sleep attributed to the new born Ruby, the real estate world continues to push forward.

    Congratulations to Mic and Rebecca on the purchase of the beautiful 1920’s house on Dowle Street, 1.5 acres of riverfront land. The move from Sydney to Bellingen will be welcomed by their two young boys…..land to run, rivers to swim and trees to climb! Congratulations to Kim and Michael also, where will the next move take them? Lani and Terry moved out of their Sunset Ridge home toward Coffs and Lee moved from his hometown of Orange onto the N

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  4. A Record Low & A Record High

    Well someone was in the know last week and rumours were confirmed with the RBA cutting interest rates to a record low at 2.0%. Borrowing has never been cheaper and the property market is looking to stay strong through Autumn and Winter at least.

    At the other end of the spectrum, openhomeonline has achieved a record high sale price for Dowle street this week – well into the 600,000’s. Many of our sales have been in the 600,000’s, and at close to three quarters of a million dollars for a single residential home, the sales team have recorded the highest residential price in Bel

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  5. Three Exchanges & A Baby!

    Well, it doesn’t get more exciting…. Three property exchanges this week! Which confirms all reports that the property market is not slowing down anytime soon. It’s not only happening in the city, there is movement everywhere and now is the perfect time to list your property. Movements in, out and around the Bellingen Shire is proving lucrative for buyers and sellers alike. Mid-range housing in town is still in very high demand and is evident by what is selling quickest. More and more we are finding buyers for properties as soon as they list because we know exactly what they a

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