1. Rate My Agent….what is it?

    This week I spoke with the co-founder of a site gaining a lot of traction in the real estate world. The site is RateMyAgent. Below is part of an article recently published in the Australian Financial Review;
    Choosing the right real estate agent to sell one of your most valuable assets – the family home – depends on more than a firm handshake and warm smile. Picking the wrong one can potentially lose you thousands of dollars.
    Plenty of agents claim to be the best in their area. But knowing whom to believe takes more than a meet and greet.
    Agents build listings through word of mouth, repeat

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  2. Buying the listing…

    What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, it relates to agents overpricing an owners property to get the seller to sign up. Openhomeonline strongly opposes this.

    It exists and is not ethical behavior. A seller should be very wary of the agent or agency which overprices. How did they come to this figure? What is the price substantiation analysis? If an agent is trying to woo your business by giving an inflated price, you can be sure that they are out for themselves rather than the client.

    I personally refer to this practice as ‘buying the listing’. An agent should be open and hones

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