1. Why living in the country can make you happier.

    This week we found a very interesting article in Domain written by Annie Stevens, which for those of us who have had the ‘calling’ to the country from the city can relate to:

    The tree change has long been something that stressed-out city folk have thought about in the middle of their mind-numbing morning WIP or pressed up against somebody’s armpit on their morning commute.

    A tree change might not be as idyllic as it sounds (for one thing, wherever you go, there you are – your problems and character failings tend not to discriminate between a city apartment or a cherry orcha

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  2. Smug smiles

    With the ‘Big Chill’ hitting as far as North Queensland, you could be mistaken for thinking that everyone is now hibernating. Apart from those committed snow chasers from areas that will never experience snow flakes, the rest of us are enjoying perfect Winter conditions with clear blue skies during the day, and amazing star lit nights.

    There are reports from the Sydney and Melbourne property market of a levelling out. Not necessarily a slowing down or a correction, but lower auction clearance rates which could just simply mean that everyone is trying to catch their breaths from th

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  3. Are we in a real estate bubble?

    After this week’s announcement from the RBA that interest rates will remain unchanged, there has been a lot of talk about if we really are in a housing bubble at the moment, and if it will burst soon. So I thought it would be interesting to see what the experts have to say.

    According to Mark Hewitt, General Manager of Sales and Operations for Australian Finance Group, “Australia has never really seen a housing bubble like those experienced in the US and some parts of Europe following the GFC. People are getting the potential for a slight price correction or a slowdown in growth mi

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  4. The flurry.

    There has been a flurry of interest in the area from interstate. What’s going on? Are people getting nervous about the bubble bursting, or are they trying to get in early before it does? Whatever the answer, whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that there are buyers out there, and they are keen, curious and ready! So if you’ve been thinking about selling, or know someone who is or has been thinking about it, now seems like the perfect time to get on the market.

    As previously stated, we have a shortage of properties in town around that $400,000 ̵

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