1. Let’s face it, unless you have an unlimited budget when it comes to buying property, most people will need to compramise. Chances are most people won’t find that ‘perfect’ property in their price range, it will nearly always be just out reach. But that’s not to say you can’t compramise and still make something in your price range your almost perfect home.

    You can really get yourself into a rut if searching turns from months, into years. Some people start to lose hope and think that they will never find ‘the one’. Truth is, they have probably seen a few properties that came pretty close, yet they have not been willing to making some compramises. That’s not to say that you should compramise on the things that are really important to you, and perhaps you need to ask yourself what some of these things might be. For example, if two bathrooms is a must have but you find the prettiest little place in the perfect spot with only one bathroom, do you immediately say No, or do you start looking for the possibility of adding another bathroom?

    That’s where the expertise of a good realestate agent comes in handy. Someone who has been in the game for a while will have seen a lot of properties. They will have witnessed what buyers have done with properties that weren’t quite perfect, and be able to tell you about some of the changes they have seen or ideas people came up with to make it come pretty close. Location is the key factor and once you have decided where that is, well, with a bit of compramise hopefully everything else will fall into place.

    So don’t spend years searching, let our sales team help you look at alternatives or properties that nearly meet your complete list of criteria. There are certainly loads of interesting properties in Bellingen, and if you are open to ideas and being presented with something that you might not have considered, it might just turn out to the be the last inspection you make!

    Regards, the team at openhomeonline.