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    A Perth real estate agent has taken it upon herself to turn up the heat on Perth’s real estate market by making her own promo videos, complete with men in various states of undress cleaning pools, riding horses and of course – fighting fires.

    For the good of their clients (of course), Harcourts Alliance Joondalup area manager Gail Woods, her personal assistant and various colleagues have flirted shamelessly with “cowboys” and “firemen”, had a stab at ballet dancing, leapt into freezing dams fully clothed and perved at the pool guy.

    “Perth is currently experiencing a very slow property market with prices dropping continuously,” Ms Woods said.

    The “cowboy” doubles as an entertainer for hen’s parties.The “cowboy” doubles as an entertainer for hen’s parties. Photo: Supplied

    “Where I sell is rural and it’s a lot slower and tougher to sell, around Bullsbrook and Lower Chittering.

    “Early last year, I went to this real estate conference and it talked about different things you could do and one guy over east was doing his own videos. I thought someone in Perth needs to do it, I need to get some traction with these properties for my sellers and get a bit of interest.”

    She enlisted the services of a local filmmaker to do the shooting and the editing and turned the usual property promotion videos into something a little different, while still extolling the virtues of the houses. Ms Woods writes all the scripts and does the rest of the work in-house.

    Ms Woods convinced a friend to star as a fireman in a video.Ms Woods convinced a friend to star as a fireman in a video. Photo: Supplied

    “The fireman was someone we knew, the cowboy was an entertainer who does hen’s parties and the like, but most of the time it’s just me and my [personal assistant] Kim. We try to do something that suits the property,” she said.

    The first video, for a property on Meadowbrook Ramble in Bullsbrook, shows her colleague jumping into a dam wearing a business suit. It has amassed more than 2000 hits on YouTube.

    “If you go to a normal real estate video, they get 50-odd hits,” Ms Woods said.

    In the first video, a man jumps into a dam fully clothed.

    “We sold it at the first home open – people were lined up and across the road, which just never happens in Bullsbrook. We even got multiple offers, which itself is rare.”

    She now offers them to all of her clients for a fee to cover the video company’s charges and the clients are reaping the rewards, with the houses selling in well under the average amount of time.

    “One was on the market for about nine months under another agent.

    Perth real estate agent Gail Woods has found just the right “wow factor” to tempt buyers.Perth real estate agent Gail Woods has found just the right “wow factor” to tempt buyers. Photo: Supplied

    “It was a property with a lot of macadamia nut trees and they had been on the market for such a long time, gone stale, no interest, so we suggested we do one of these videos. We made it to the music from The Nutcracker and we dressed up as ballerinas in tutus.

    “We sold it in 19 days.”

    “Then we did the fireman one with the checklist and that sold in 16 days or thereabouts.”

    To put this in perspective, the latest Real Estate Institute of WA figures show the average number of selling days for Perth has climbed steadily from its last low of 57 days in December 2014 to 71 days by the end of the last quarter.

    “It creates a lot of interest because quirky videos get shared very easily and then the property gets shared,” Ms Woods said.

    “People are now going, ‘you’re the ones who jumped in the dam!’

    “I don’t usually sell Wanneroo, but the cowboy one is up because a lady just called me and said they wanted us.

    “There are a lot of agents who slap something on the internet with a few photos to music and that’s a video. I’m actually not a person who likes to be the centre of attention but when it comes to my business, I would do anything for my client and if it means getting in front of the camera for my client, I will do it. In this market you have to be giving 120 per cent and we reckon we are.

    “We’re thinking outside the box, anyway.”