1. The boys are back in town!

    Well we never really left, but incase you haven’t yet noticed openhomeonline has a brand new office in the heart of Bellingen town. We’ve been madly setting things up and it’s still a work in progress but we love it!

    The team are very excited to have a common hub to work from and to have a private space where people can walk in and talk to us. If you haven’t yet noticed us we are directly behind the Bellingen Green Grocer, entry via Church Street – the building with the big ‘openhomeonline’ sign and the very impressive digital screens displaying our cu

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  2. Finding the right agent

    In the Bellingen shire there are several real estate agents who service the area, so how do you select the best agent for you?

    Here are 6 tips to help:

    1. Research

    Research potential agents just like you would similar properties and your potential buyers. There are many different real estate agencies to choose from. Look at a few to get an insight into how they work.

    2. Look local

    The agent you choose is going to represent you and your property. It’s important that the agent you choose knows the area you’re selling in, and knows the other properties for sale, and that have sold recently

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