1. The Banking Royal Commission and other interesting stuff

    Have you struggled with finance recently? We live in interesting times.

    The past few months have been very interesting on a number of fronts and one of the more prominent issues filling newspaper columns lately has been the findings of the Banking Royal Commission, or to use its full name the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. The Commission has revealed some serious deficiencies across those industries, the extent of which has surprised some people.

    It begs the question as to how these unfair, immoral and in some cases illegal prac

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  2. The boys are back in town!

    Well we never really left, but incase you haven’t yet noticed openhomeonline has a brand new office in the heart of Bellingen town. We’ve been madly setting things up and it’s still a work in progress but we love it!

    The team are very excited to have a common hub to work from and to have a private space where people can walk in and talk to us. If you haven’t yet noticed us we are directly behind the Bellingen Green Grocer, entry via Church Street – the building with the big ‘openhomeonline’ sign and the very impressive digital screens displaying our cu

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  3. Finding the right agent

    In the Bellingen shire there are several real estate agents who service the area, so how do you select the best agent for you?

    Here are 6 tips to help:

    1. Research

    Research potential agents just like you would similar properties and your potential buyers. There are many different real estate agencies to choose from. Look at a few to get an insight into how they work.

    2. Look local

    The agent you choose is going to represent you and your property. It’s important that the agent you choose knows the area you’re selling in, and knows the other properties for sale, and that have sold recently

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  4. How’s this for a video promo idea?

    We found an intersting article about what one Perth realestate agent is doing to get more interest from the market. Have a read….

    Regards, the team at openhomeonline.

    A Perth real estate agent has taken it upon herself to turn up the heat on Perth’s real estate market by making her own promo videos, complete with men in various states of undress cleaning pools, riding horses and of course – fighting fires.

    For the good of their clients (of course), Harcourts Alliance Joondalup area manager Gail Woods, her personal assistant and various colleagues have flirted shamelessly with “cow

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  5. Spring has sprung!

    Ahh, welcome Spring, everyone’s favourite time of year. The weather is warmer, the gardens are colourful, cows are calving, bees are pollinating, and people seem to be coming out of winter hibernation. Everyone has a bit of a spring in their step, no pun intended, and we are looking to pack away those extra blankets and get ready for Summer.

    The same is true for the property market! Although we have seen a very steady few months, there has been a flurry of interest this week. And let’s face it, if you are looking to sell your place the garden is most likely looking it’s best

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  6. Heaven on Earth?

    Each week there is a new article about Bellingen like this one below. Some describe it as the latest “hipster” town, the article below refers to it as “the bohemian town” and some even call it “God’s country”. For those of us fortunate to call the Bellingen Shire home, it really does come close to a heaven on Earth.


    It really doesn’t matter what your idea of heaven is, but you are sure to find something that comes pretty close living here. Just last weekend a pod of dolphins w

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  7. What makes a good real estate agent?

    Most home sellers have very little experience with real estate agents. For that reason they may not know a good real estate agent from a less than perfect agent, at least not until it is too late. An excellent real estate agent is like a conductor, guiding a group of resources towards a final goal: the sale of the house. Here are the top characteristics of the real estate agents who can do the best job.

    Local knowledge
    It is incredibly important for the person selling a home to have recent sales experience and success at selling homes in the area. Someone new in town or who has never sold a h

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  8. It’s all about Compromise

    Let’s face it, unless you have an unlimited budget when it comes to buying property, most people will need to compramise. Chances are most people won’t find that ‘perfect’ property in their price range, it will nearly always be just out reach. But that’s not to say you can’t compramise and still make something in your price range your almost perfect home.

    You can really get yourself into a rut if searching turns from months, into years. Some people start to lose hope and think that they will never find ‘the one’. Truth is, they have probably seen

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  9. A sigh of relief

    Everyone has breathed a sigh of relief as interest rates remain unchanged this week. With recent regulation changes most banks are increasing their interest rates slightly on interest-only loans. So if you are shopping around, make sure that you understand the complete offering from your selected financial institution.

    It’s still the ideal time to borrow and there are some great properities to choose from in and around the Bellingen area depending on your requirements. Whether you are looking for rural or residential, investment or future development, there is something for everyone.


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  10. Why living in the country can make you happier.

    This week we found a very interesting article in Domain written by Annie Stevens, which for those of us who have had the ‘calling’ to the country from the city can relate to:

    The tree change has long been something that stressed-out city folk have thought about in the middle of their mind-numbing morning WIP or pressed up against somebody’s armpit on their morning commute.

    A tree change might not be as idyllic as it sounds (for one thing, wherever you go, there you are – your problems and character failings tend not to discriminate between a city apartment or a cherry orcha

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