1. Amazing result – only you guys can do it!: openhomeonline review

    Thanks for another brilliant result. As always we were impressed with the team, the dedication and of course the result. Keep going. Cheers Boaz

  2. openhomeonline review

    We selected John Simon to sell our home after a rigorous assessment of the capabilities of all real estate agencies in our area. During our 40 years of buying, selling and renting real estate around Australia we have found John Simon and his team at openhomeonline the most professional and dedicated real estate agents we have worked with to achieve our goal of selling our home at a reasonable price. There are many in the real estate industry that could take lessons from John and his approach to dealing with vendors and purchasers.

  3. Balanced & Informed: openhomeonline review

    The property we purchased was quite unique across the Bellingen market as it was a new smaller house on prime land just 5 minutes from town, so it was always going to generate a lot of interest locally & interstate. But once registering our interest with John & his team, they kept us abreast of developments and, without feeling pressured or pushy, made sure he understood our interest. Even while John was away, his team smoothly & seamlessly filled the gap and we never felt we were uncertain about the status of our interest. In the last stage when there were 2 serious parties (us being one), he was respectful and commercial in his dealings and the ‘final bids’ process he ran was very professional.

  4. John Simon and openhomeonline, delivering the goods: openhomeonline review

    Prior to appointing John Simon as our exclusive agent for the sale of our property, Lily Pily Country House in Bellingen NSW, we thought engaging a ‘major city’ based agent would be more suitable as we felt that the likely purchaser would come from major cities around Australia or overseas (ie people looking for a ‘tree-change’, but also wishing to secure an up market property with the opportunity of earning a nice income through the B&B business). This proved to be a wrong decision and after 3 months we changed to John & his team. His marketing focus was sharper and his knowledge of our market (as well as big cities) was excellent. We updated all our advertising efforts (at minimal cost I should say) and started to get a steady stream of enquiries and inspections. His communication with us was first rate and the final outcome was well within our expectations. We couldn’t recommend John and his team highly enough and look forward to doing other transactions with him down the track. Bruce Levy Lily Pily Country House

  5. My experience with Open Home Online: openhomeonline review

    This is probably the most professional realestate agency I’ve ever worked with, I was super pleased with their negotiation skills and overall quality of presenting and pitching my property. They were able to deliver quick sales for the desired price with their price range strategy. I would wholeheartedly recommend John Simon to any vendor or buyer – Thank you John, pleasure doing business with you. Noam Blat

  6. Openhomeonline: openhomeonline review

    We bought our house through John and Andrew @openhomeonline.. their office in bellingen is friendly, inviting and very professional…. the thing that we loved most is their friendly, down to earth and honest approach in what can sometimes be a stressful and confusing time.. we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.. they go far beyond what other agents do in trying to meet your needs.. thanks John, Andrew and the fabulous office staff @openhomeonline bellingen..😊😊

  7. John Simon: openhomeonline review

    John is a genuine, caring person and has been very good to deal with. We felt that, while he obviously had the interests of his client at heart, he was generous with his time, patient and helpful to us while showing us properties, during the purchase process and afterwards.

  8. House Sale: openhomeonline review

    I found John Simon to be an excellent agent, who communicated well and kept me well informed about what was happening regarding the sale of my home. John has great local knowledge, is very personable and was very easy to work with. I would recommend John to any potential property sellers or buyers in the Bellingen area.

  9. Excellent!: openhomeonline review

    John was very helpful in keeping both parties informed and whilst exchange took longer than anticipated this was due to banking issues and out of his control. Selling and buying a home can be a stressful time indeed but I felt comfortable with John involved. He went to great lengths to do whatever he could to get things moving. He knows his market and demonstrates expertise as a real estate agent and I very much recommend his services.

  10. 10 out of 10 is just the start: openhomeonline review

    Communication – 10 Service – 10 Advertising – 10 Price – 10 Satisfaction -10