1. With the ‘Big Chill’ hitting as far as North Queensland, you could be mistaken for thinking that everyone is now hibernating. Apart from those committed snow chasers from areas that will never experience snow flakes, the rest of us are enjoying perfect Winter conditions with clear blue skies during the day, and amazing star lit nights.

    There are reports from the Sydney and Melbourne property market of a levelling out. Not necessarily a slowing down or a correction, but lower auction clearance rates which could just simply mean that everyone is trying to catch their breaths from the recent flurry.

    Here in the Bellingen area we are still getting a lot of enquiries, so the weather doesn’t seem to be stopping the truly committed.

    The huge success from the inaugural Bello Winter Music Festival, followed closely by the Dave O’Neil and Denise Scott Comedy Tour and the ‘official’ opening of The Bellingen Brewery & Co., has definitely left everyone in town with a huge smile on their face. Who wouldn’t want to live in the area with so much to enjoy. Any wonder there is so much interest in real estate in the area!

    Stay safe and warm.

    Regards, the team at openhomeonline.